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What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

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What Is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle Medicine

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“Everyone has a physician inside of him or her, we
just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us
is the greatest force in getting well.”
– Hippocrates

Core Philosophy

Your body has the amazing ability to maintain its own health when given the right amounts and types of health signals. When harmful signals or stressors on your body are removed and other signals are enhanced, cellular and organ systems have the capability of creating healthy outcomes. This is what we call LifeStyle Medicine. LifeStyle Medicine provides the needed keys and incentives in assisting you to assess and prioritize these signals that require change. This provides a bridge of support to optimal health and vitality. LifeStyle Medicine focuses on a patient centric philosophy. It requires you to recognize all the signals / factors that influence your health. Each person has a different ability to understand these factors and change behaviors. Success is dependent on this model along with discovering the root cause or limiting factor of health conditions. There must be an ongoing relationship between your engaged practitioner LifeStyle Medicine and health coach and you, the empowered participant in your health journey.

The Functional Lifestyle Signal Synergy Model


8 LifeStyle Signals

  • Macro & micronutrients
  • Total energy & glycemic impact
  • Cooking methods & timing of meals
  • Organic whole food
  • Water
  • Sedentary time & frequency
  • Total energy expenditure
  • Muscle contaction & flexibility
  • Spinal alignement & posture
  • Exercise intensity & diversity
  • Stress-induced catecholamine production
  • Stress-induced cortisol production
  • Coping skills to resolve stress signaling
  • Glycemic dysregulation
  • Inflammatory triggers to HPA axis
  • Sleeping time and pattern
  • Phase shifters: shift work, night work, jet lag
  • Seasonality & access to sunlight
  • Regular rest and vacation
  • Toxins & allergens
  • Appropriate exposure to sunlight
  • EMF & other energy sources
  • Gut microflora
  • Natural beauty
  • Pharmaceutical or recreational drugs
  • Oral hygiene & general cleanliness
  • Tobacco & alcohol use
  • Food born illnesses
  • Exposure to STIs
  • A sense of purpose and belonging
  • A positive / hopeful outlook
  • Relationship with others and family
  • Resolving conflict & forgiveness
  • Finding pleasure
  • Supplements
  • Adaptogens & herbs
  • Essential oils
  • Pre and probiotics
  • Essential fatty acids

Get The Answers You Are Seeking

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The Holistic Hormone Solution provides a method for re-balancing your body’s underlying physiological systems and addresses life style and hidden stressors that contribute to illness. Our functional medicine approach offers a natural solution to understanding the root cause of HEALTH problems, allowing your body to heal and recover.