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Thyroid Balance

Naturally Improve Thyroid Health


20 million Americans have a thyroid disorder. 60% are unaware of their condition. It’s more than just running a thyroid lab and giving you a Rx. The thyroid is influenced by stress, sex and blood sugar regulating hormones, leaky gut, infections, food allergies, certain chemicals and metals can all impact YOUR health. If these other areas are not being addressed, then you will truly never feel better.Have THYROID problems? Take the quiz to find out.

Who it affects?

1 in 8 women in their life time will develop a thyroid disorder.


Weight loss resistance, thinning hair, low libido, fatigue, brain fog, low energy, and depression.


Up to 90% of all thyroid cases are auto immune: Hashimoto’s being the most common. The thyroid is the master metabolism regulator and every cell has a thyroid receptor impacting all major body systems.


30 day Reset Autoimmune Paleo template nutritional plan. Managing chronic stress (HPA-D), healing leaky gut (intestinal permeability) ridding gut infections, and restoring healthy nutrient levels of iodine and selenium. Identifying and eradicating triggers such as gluten, food or chemical sensitivities. Focusing on lifestyle interventions: improving sleep quality, exercise, and sun exposure.

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The Holistic Hormone Solution provides a method for re-balancing your body’s underlying physiological systems and addresses life style and hidden stressors that contribute to illness. Our functional medicine approach offers a natural solution to understanding the root cause of HEALTH problems, allowing your body to heal and recover.