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Most fertility treatments do nothing to improve the parent’s or baby’s health. Infertility often has a ROOT CAUSE that is rarely evaluated. Blood work and traditional testing usually misses the cause of infertility. Stress, lifestyle, and diet are almost always overlooked. IVF – does nothing to improve your health. Irony: couples often get pregnant after trying infertility treatment.

Who it affects?

The human species biologically is on the endanger species list because of reproductive rates. 1 in 10 of all couples are infertile

Ages 30-34 : 1 in 7 couples

Ages 35-39 : 1 in 5 couples

Ages 40-44 : 1 in 4 couples


Conventional evaluation overlooks many common and not so common causes of infertility such as:

Thyroid disease, poor hormone metabolism, micronutrient deficiencies, chronic stress, gut infections, gluten intolerance, environmental toxins, and high carb / low fat diet to name a few.


Study at the University of California reviewed > 19,000 medical records to compare pregnancies, births, and child health outcomes of fertile women with those of women who conceived after fertility treatment and those who conceived naturally after longer periods of infertility.  Children conceived by IVF were more likely to be diagnosed with autism, childhood cancers, and cerebral palsy.  Children born to infertile women 40% of children more likely to have ADHD and 20% born with low birth weight.


Focus is to have a healthy baby.  Pregnancy is just an event.  Building a baby is a nine month process.  Having a healthy baby is a lifelong process.  A functional and lifestyle medicine approach to infertility identifies those blind spots that allow you to become healthy and intern have a healthy baby.

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