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Here Is What Our Patients Are Saying:


“I was able to get answers to my questions. I had Adrenal Fatigue and was not going crazy. I could take some steps in my life to fix it. I was given supplements, changed the way I was eating, and made sure I exercised properly. By doing those things I was able to sleep better at night, had more energy during the day, and my quality of life was much better.”


“They really educated me on what was happening with my thyroid because no doctor sat down and said this is exactly what’s happening and how it’s affecting your body. I felt empowered. For the first time in my life I knew what was happening and had control. I’ve been given all these tools. I was eating differently, sleeping better, my relationships improved and I wan’t depressed. I was able to get pregnant with a beautiful and happy baby.”


“Wow, who thought having cancer could be this much fun. I realized that my cancer was gone. I had a spontaneous healing. I had transcended the emotional blockage around my cancer. All my fear was gone. I felt blissed out. In the hospital I had the biopsy. Go into see the doctor and he said, “There is nothing there.” He could not find anything. I realized that there are somethings that I ignored for years that probably put me into a position of having this happen. I am here to test and find out what my exact deficiencies are.”


“I overate and ended up being almost 400 lbs. I got divorced, putting on weight every month, cycles were off, body was failing, had brain fog, tired, candida, and fatigued all the time. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and SIBO. I had an autoimmune disease. Food and controlling life style makes a big difference. My fatigue is better, sleeping at night, working on Hashimoto’s, and SIBO is gone. Feels good to be on road to recovery. I feel so much better.”


“I did some testing and found out some of my hormonal and digestive issues. I changed my diet, took some supplements, and started exercising. I feel a lot better and haven’t been back to the doctor. I feel like things are going on the right track.”