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Josiah Smith, PA-C

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Josiah.Smith.tiePA Josiah Smith serves as your Functional & Lifestyle Medicine provider. His role is to co-create health with you by providing education, empowerment, and motivation. PA Smith will listen, recommend the right tests, and provide you with the tools and guidance necessary in helping you achieve your personal health goals. He will help you develop an action plan to restore your vitality. Caring for over 100,000 patients in his 18 plus years of conventional practice, his own “health crisis” brought Josiah to the realization that this
approach to addressing chronic disease was limited. Restoring one’s health cannot truly be done when only
addressing symptoms with drugs or surgery. By focusing on underlying cellular imbalances, mind-body elements, genetic makeup and taking a proactive lifestyle approach to mindset, nutrition, stress management, sleep, and exercise, health can truly be “restored.” PA Smith is always continuing his Functional Medicine education to ensure he is on the forefront of how best to serve his patients. In his spare time Josiah enjoys spending time with his family, nature, running, meditation and yoga practice, and finding ways to bio-hack his biology to improved health.

Educational background

Undergraduate and graduate medical degrees in PA studies:
• Drexel University
• University of Nebraska Medical School
Post graduate Functional Medicine education
• Trained in the Kalish Method of Functional Medicine
• Trained and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
through Functional Medicine University
• In Practice Success Series through the Kresser Institute for
Functional and Evolutionary Medicine

• Institute of Functional Medicine – AFMCP (Applying
Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice)
• Living Proof Certified Clinic through the Living Proof
Institute Mentorship Program