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At Holistic Hormone Solutions we embody a Holistic & Functional Medicine approach to optimal hormone health and vitality. We model our approach after the Kalish Method of Functional Medicine. We address the root cause of health concerns by utilizing advanced lab testing, questionnaires, and extensive medical history to discover imbalances in the three major body systems: Neuro-endocrine, GI, and Liver/detox.

The Neuro-endocrine system includes the HPA-Axis (hypothalamus-pituirary-adrenal Axis) in response to stress, thyroid function, sex hormone regulation, and cellular energy.

The Gastrointestinal system includes checking for the presence of pathogens and infections, nutrient absorption, and the status of the microbiome.

The Liver/Detox system includes the two phases of
liver detoxification, presence of environmental toxins, and chemical sensitivity, methylation, and our body’s ability remove toxic burden.

To create a logical treatment plan, the 3 three body systems need to be tested and corrected in the proper sequence. We start with HPA-Axis, because the health of the body’s stress response is the core of how the other systems interact and respond. If the HPA-Axis becomes disrupted then ruling out gut infections and detox issues becomes imperative.

We recommend evaluating and testing all three body systems at the beginning. This allows for a comprehensive picture of your overall health. Doing this avoids potential months of care addressing what was thought to be a simples response to stress but in actuality there was a missed gut pathogen or environmental toxicity that ends up being the true root cause of your health issue.

Upon discovering any of the body system imbalances, we work closely with you in designing a personalized wellness program that incorporates nutraceuticals, supplements, detoxification and life style-based therapies (nutrition, stress, management, sleep, exercise, and relationships) to bring you back to a place of balance and vitality.Oh, to feel like yourself again. There is hope. There is a way. The Holistic Hormone Solution.