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About Josiah Smith P.A.

JosiahI’m very glad to meet you…..and that you are learning about the topic of hormone rebalancing. It’s a topic that I’m passionate about. Hormone rebalancing saved my life and my sanity…

What I really love and appreciate about life right now…is that I’ve been practicing medicine for 17 years and have helped over 100,000 people thus far with their health.

Also, I appreciate my beautiful wife of 17 years Melissa and my 4 children. They help keep me balanced while helping thousands of people with their health.

…But my life was not always this great…a few short years ago, my life looked totally different.

I used to be a work-a-holic. You know “the type”… works 60 hrs/week for YEARS and keeps working more. It wasn’t healthy.

And during that time, I had TWIN GIRLS that kept my wife and I up late at night. We got about 3-4 hours of sleep….and so I became addicted to caffeine energy drinks just to function during the day-time. I should have known better. That was a feisty habit to break.

And to top it off, during this same time period, our family went winter sledding and my 5-year old son, my 1st born, hit a tree…without a helmet. He received a closed-head-injury, with huge medical bills.

That was a sleepless time…packed with stress and worry.

I’ll spare you the gory details, but it was a hard 3-4 years for our family. What happened as a result?

My wife and I were both in a bad “Cortisol Stress Loop” and I had Phase 3 Adrenal Fatigue….with extreme highs and lows of Cortisol….we were both stressed-out and receiving the main symptoms: sleepless nights, weight gain, PMS (for my wife……and I was no picnic to be around either.)

It felt like our bodies were kicking us when we were already down. Then I woke-up.

“I’m in medicine, I can find out what is happening in our bodies.”

THAT is when I discovered Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome…..And Cortisol.

With my medical background, I knew I could fix it.

You see…I was trained in regular medicine. I was going into a new area. To me…. I felt as safe as a colostomy bag in a boxing match.

When I found Functional Medicine, I knew I had found the answers I was looking for. A medical field that focused on the ROOT problem, not just the symptoms.

It wasn’t a bed of roses, but in just 4 months, we were back to sleeping 8 hours a night. We both had a few pounds lost each week…without any special exercise. And as for the sex…..I prefer to keep a husband’s and wife’s dealings private…but all has been good on that front as well.

Our lives have been greatly improved by hormone rebalancing thru Functional Medicine…and I know yours will be too.